We've got all kinds of free comic book fun for you this month.


Trick or Treat on the Town

A Rochester Main Street Tradition - Friday, October 27th.
Rochester invites you and your family to come and Trick or Treat with us on Friday, October 27th from 4:15 - 6:15 pm.
All children can stop by Jetpack, on the Trick or Treat walk, and pick a Free Comic Book from our special Halloween Selection.
Just spend $5 and you can pick 3 more from the special Halloween Selection.  Please note that this is for CHILDREN only and the children must be present.
Sorry but we have a whole day of fun on Saturday to cover as well.

Halloween Comic Fest 

A Jetpack Comics Megastore Tradition - Saturday, October 28th from 10 am - 8 pm.
Every year, around Halloween, we have a special spooky comic book day.  This year we have a special day of Spooky Games and the usual Free Comic Book Give-Away.
How do you get the Special Selection of Free Comic Books?  Just follow these simple rules.

  1. EVERYONE gets 1 free comic book, from our special selection of Halloween Comic Fest comics.  There's comics for children as well as for teens and adults.  You can pick the one you want.
  2. EVERYONE with the Jetpack Mega App gets another free comic. You can't share phones and you have to show us the App in use to pick up your Free Comic for the App.
  3. Spend $10 or more, at Jetpack 10/28, and you can pick 3 comics from the special spooky selection.
  4. For just $5 you can pick up an additional 6 FREE comics from our special spooky comic selection.  Do this as many times as you want.

Enjoy your Halloween with Jetpack Comics and be sure to watch for our Food & Toy Drive coming soon!  You know.  That annual event we have where you get to buy stuff dirt cheap and help the community.



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