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So you've got some stuff to sell?  No problem! We're always looking to buy! Almost anything! Please take a few minutes and read through our BUYING guidelines here! 



At Jetpack Comics we pride ourselves on making very competitive offers on all collectibles.   All merchandise will be made a CASH and a store credit offer unless we find it not worth a cash offer.  Cash offers are paid in the form of a company check (this is not negotiable).  Merchandise must belong to the seller and sellers must have proper ID and be over the age of 18.

We're always busy at Jetpack Comics.  Very often there are people on hand that can look at your collectibles but just as often there are not.  Be prepared to drop your stuff off if we don't have the time!  While you can call to see if someone will be on hand taking care of our patrons comes first.  Things change fast at Jetpack so you still might have to drop things off or wait.


Offers are not negotiable.

Be sure you give us an idea of how much you are looking for.
If you realistically know what you want you stand a better chance of getting it.  If your expectation is ridiculous we will only give it a cursory glance.  If you don't give us an idea we will not spend as much time evaluating your stuff!  How do you figure it out?  Look at completed sales on eBay! That's what we use to determine the real market value of an item.  Remember that if we buy it, we have to make a profit so if it sold on eBay for $50 we're not going to pay you $50 for it.

Be sure you understand the terms you are seeing when you research an item.  If you do not know what CGC is then your comic is not CGC certified and not getting that premium price.  Near Mint is the same as like new is the same as the brand new comics you see on our shelf.  Do not research what someone is asking for the items but research what they actually sold for.  There is always a HUGE difference!

Organize & clean your stuff for maximum profit
Why?  More work for us means less money for you. That means comics in alpha-numeric order!  Cards sorted by RARITY & Set (color sorting matters - rarity does as well).  Toys bagged up with their proper accessories!  Dust off the boxes and Windex the bubbles.  If we have to clean it then it is worth less to us.  The more work we do, the less money you get!

Pack up your stuff in a container you don't want back
Our offer includes the box, tote, bag or refrigerator that you haul your stuff to us in!  If you want the tote back we will deduct $5 to $10 dollars from the offer.   WE need something to store it in!

Things to remember! 

...We can not evaluate your item unless we see it.  You have to bring it in.  We can't even comment on it.  If we do not have it in front of us we have no idea what it is worth.
...You should have a realistic idea of what you want for your item(s).   It's your stuff so research it.  Know what it's worth and what you can get for it but don't forget that we make offers based on our being able to make money at the prices we sell things for. 

** IMPORTANT **  After we review your items we will call & email you.  If we do not hear back from you with in 7 days we will assume you are abandoning your items.  After 14 days they go to off site storage so an appointment will be necessary to get them back.  After 30 days they are disposed of.

We have staff members that specialize in different areas & departments.  Many of our staff are part-time and have additional tasks and responsibilities to accomplish when they are in the store.  Dropping off your items is always recommended and often required!

This is just the start of the list of things we may be interested in purchasing.  Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Magic Cards, Toys, Yu Gi Oh Cards, Board Games, Role-Playing Games, DVDs, CDs, Video Games, Records, Movie Posters, Old Magazines and more!  Not sure if we'd be interested in what you have.  Drop us an email  jetpackcomics@gmail.com and we'll let you know if we could use what you have.

The following suggestions will help you get the best offer for your unwanted collectibles!

Clean It! Your collectibles should be clean and appealing looking!  Dog hair and dirt in the box aren't going to get you more money!  In fact it's exactly opposite of that. 

Organize It! Comic Books should be in alpha-numeric order, by title.  Magic Cards should be sorted by rarity & release!  If you're not sure how to best organize your collectibles, drop us an email and we'll let you know.  jetpackcomics@gmail.com

Understand It! Have an idea of what you are looking to get for your stuff.  It's YOURS!  What are you realistically hoping to get for it.  We're gonna ask before we even look at your stuff, so you should have an idea.  If your expectation is out of line we won't even be able to review what you have.  ie - Your 20 long boxes of 1990's comics are not going to get you much more than $200 and your Death of Superman comic is not worth $100 anymore (it's barely worth $10 and we don't need more of them - sorry).  Be sure you understand the terms you are seeing when you research an item.  If you do not know what CGC is then your comic is not CGC certified and not getting that premium price.  Near Mint is the same as like new is the same as the brand new comics you see on our shelf.   There is always a HUGE difference!

Leave It! Running our retail store comes first for us so that means sellers may have to wait & be interrupted while we attend our patrons.  There are very specific days & times that we look at different collectibles.  YOU ARE ALWAYS BETTER OFF DROPPING YOUR STUFF OFF.  Dropping it off means we can spend more time with it. research it better and get a better handle on what you have.


The more work we have to do, in relation to your saleable goods, the less the offer will be!  Of course we'll take just about anything from the pop-culture world!  

** important disclaimer for definition **   Please keep in mind that we are NOT appraising your collection & collectibles when you bring your things in.  We are making offers on them to purchase them.  If you are looking for an appraisal we will be happy to provide written documentation of the value of your collectibles for a fee.  We have provided this service for insurance companies as well as individuals looking to find out more about their merchandise.  Please contact Ralph at jetpackcomics@gmail.com for more info!

Be sure to read the specifics below!

Bring us your new or used...

  • TOYS - TOYS - TOYS - Bring us your items of fun from days gone by! We want em! Bring us 1 or a hundred.  New and used.  New and unopened gets you the most $$ but we'll even take cool used toys as well.  You'll get more the cleaner the packages are! DVDs, CDs, Video Games - DVD's and CDs Must have cases and be playable.  Too many scratches and we won't want them.  Clean up the packaging and you'll get more.  Alphabetize them and we might kiss you!  

  •  LPs & 45s- Those are RECORDS for you youngsters!  No warps or scratches!  Clean em up!

  • MAGIC, POKEMON, YU GI OH cards - Magic will net you the most.  Organize them by rarity and set to get the most for them!   Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh get you a little bit.  Try to organize them by rarity as well.  Got some other types of CCGs?  Bring em by and get a little!  Get the most by having them sorted by rarity and set!  The more work you put into organizing them, the more you will get for them. Plan on having to drop off your cards to be evaluated.  The buyers are generally on hand during ALL Magic events but that is not a promise of their availability.

  • GRAPHIC NOVELS and TRADE PAPERBACKS - The better the condition the more you get but we want em all!  These are the future of the comic industry.  Please keep in mind that many graphic novels go on clearance and we know which ones those are.  All offers are based on their most recent, lowest, retail price!

  • Role-Playing & Board Games - Just like everything else, the better the condition, the more you're gonna get! Please make sure to bring all the pieces. 

  • COMIC BOOKS- Of course comic books.   Comic Books should be in alpha-numeric order, by title.  Before you get out of control we're going to displace a few myths here. 

1990 and newer is not considered OLD in comic book terms. Yup, it may be 20 years but for our purposes it represents the decade of garbage! 1970 and earlier is OLD.

Just because a comic book is a #1 it does not make it worth money.

Just because it is autographed it does not mean it is worth money.

A shiny foil cover does not make it worth more nor does tyvek, plastic, newspaper or anything else!  It was a sales gimmick.

There is no such thing as a comic book being still in a sleeve, wrapper, holder, plastic.  Someone put the comic book in that and that does not make them worth more money.  In fact, if the COMIC BAG (that is the proper name) is dirty & yellowed it decreases the value.

When it says "collector's item" or has some other hyped up selling point to suck in buyers,  it's usually a lie! The 1990's are considered to be one of the worst times for comic books. Billions of comics printed and few worth any money. 

The state of the comic book industry is nowhere near what it was a couple of decades ago.  Where there were once tens of thousands of comic book and collectible shops worldwide, there are now just a few more than 1500. 

What does that mean to you?  It means that what was once worth money isn't anymore.  There are more copies of Spawn #1 available than the world will ever need, and Jim Lee's X-Men #1 is not a HOT & sought after book.  We've been doing this for well over 30 years.  We can look through 300 comics and ten minutes and tell you which ones have any value.

Typical over stock comic book junk is about $10 a long box (that's a 300 count standard comic book box).  The better the books, the more you get!  The older the books the better you are going to do.  We currently have well over 1000 long boxes of typical comic book junk in our basement.  We'll always add more to it but not at a premium price!


How much am I gonna get for my crap?
Our offers are based on many criteria including our selling price, our inventory, fair market value, online prices, our mood for the day, how nice you are, the quality of what you bring in as well as how well it is organized (the more work we have to do, to figure it out the less you are gonna get).  

Here's the stipulations on buying and selling

Proper ID required - We have to keep this info on file.  Don't fight us on it.

You must own what you're selling - You can't sell stuff for someone else.

Kids need their guardian with them - That's the way it goes gang.

Once we purchase it you can't get it back - After we purchase things they end up in our basement of hell!  There is no way we are going to find it.

Please note that store credit offers are always much higher than cash offers.  Store Credit can not be used on bulk discounted merchandise (ie boxes of Magic Cards, Bricks of HeroCLix, etc) nore can it be used for Gift Cards or during SALES.