Phantom Variants

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Phantom Variants

Jetpack is proud to be a founding father of The Phantom Variant Project

What is the Phantom Variant Project?  It's a cabal of retailers working together! Phantom Variants are limited edition exclusive comics produced for a select group of elite retailers!  The best minds in the industry working together to provide fun and exciting collectibles for the fans and in quantities that help creators and publishers.  It is, quite simply a limited edition variant that is shared between 20 or so stores. Watch as we are a part of some of the most notable books in the industry!

After Life With Archie #3 (Phantom Variant)

Jetpack Comics has the ONLY Archie Zombie exclusive!

Jetpack Comics has the ONLY Archie Zombie exclusive!

 After Life With Archie #3 (Phantom Variant)  - $12.99


Escape From Jesus Island #2 (The Phantom Exclusive)

 Jetpack Comics has the 2 week exclusive of Escape from Jesus Island #2  //

PREORDER NOW  ::  Ships mid to end of April.

 Escape From Jesus Island #2 (The Phantom Exclusive)  - $12.99


Evil Empire #1 (Limited Phantom Edition)

from the mind of Max Beemis comes this exclusive comic to Jetpack Comics //

 Evil Empire #1 (Limited Phantom Edition)  - $19.99


Twilight Zone #1 (Micro Print Phantom Edition)

This ultra limited Phantom cover is available from Jetpack Comics today! --

 Twilight Zone #1 (Micro Print Phantom Edition)  - $59.99


Legenderry #1 (Micro print Phantom Edition)

This ultra limited Phantom cover is available from Jetpack Comics today! --

 Legenderry #1 (Micro print Phantom Edition)  - $59.99


Curse #1 (Phantom Variant)

From Jetpack Comics friend, Michael Moreci & the esteemed Riley Rosemo

 Curse #1 (Phantom Variant)  - $14.99



Get the 4th piece of this puzzle from Jetpack Comics



Legenderry #1 (Phantom Variant)

Jetpack Comics has all the Phantom Variants.

 Legenderry #1 Phantom Edition  - $9.99


The Twilight Zone (Phantom Variant)

Jetpack Comics has all the Phantom Variants.

 The Twilight Zone #1 Phantom Edition  - $9.99


Escape From Jesus Island (Phantom Edition)

Escape From Jesus Island -- Phantom Edition

See what all the hype is about at Jetpack Comics.  

 Escape From Jesus Island Phantom Edition  - $19.99

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