INTERESTED in hanging your art at the Rochester Performance and Art Center Gallery? 

We've got the forms for you to fill out now!
Space is filling up fast.  If you would like to be a part of it PLEASE email us for the forms today.  The window for submissions closes soon.


The Rochester Performance and Art Center needs your best works!

Jetpack Comics is the official sponsor of the Rochester Performance & Arts Center (RPAC) Art Gallery & Welcome Center, and we get to curate the gallery!  Located right across the street from Jetpack, we're reaching out to all of our artistic friends.  That's where you come in.

They've got thousands of linear feet of space we need to fill with framed art, and we want you!  It's simple (kind of).

The Theme is FRIENDS OF THE ARTS (it should be Jetpack's Friends of the Arts) so it's wide open to whatever you have, that you'd like to display with us. The requirements are simple.  The art must be all ages appropriate & must be framed and ready to hang, if appropriate for the piece.  Sculptures would need to be presented with a pedestal.  Larger pieces can be accommodated on the floor but you should provide something to set it on.

That's it.  You can submit as many pieces as you would like, for consideration.  Just email the images of what you'd like to display and we'll let you know what we can accept.

Email Us


We'll let you know, you get it to us and we hang it!

As with many galleries you can make your art available for sale and we'll even have some space for you to sell prints, and the like. 
Be sure you have some type of signage that includes the title of the piece, your name and contact info as well as your asking price.

We will fill the gallery from front to back as the work comes in, so the sooner we hear from you, the sooner you can have your work hung.

There will be a soft grand opening that you'll be invited to attend (aprx 7/20) followed by a Grand Opening and Art Auction you can be a part of in early September.

That's it!  The non-profit venue gets a 30% commission for any sales.  You can take your art back whenever you want or leave it to be part of the auction - more of that to come.

Feel free to share this with any of your artist friends.  The sooner we hear from you the sooner your work gets displayed





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