We'll reward you for your positive words and support

In years past you all have supported Jetpack Comics so much that you've awarded us dozens of BEST OF honors; year in and year out. You all convinced the President of Dark Horse publishing to come and visit us and you all helped us to identify a pair of dopey thieves (but still no word on the latest thieves yet). Hell, you got Mark Millar to fly all way from Scotland to New Hampshire.  You've done it all!

We'd like you all to work your magic again and help us break GOOGLE by getting us more FIVE STAR reviews than any other comic shop in the world.  We know you love and support us.  We just want you to take a minute and scream it to the world, and then ask your friends and family to do the same.


We interupt this page to discuss Fake Reviews

If you want to figure out a FAKE review, or who is back loading reviews, click on the reviewers ID  and see what else they have reviewed.  If their review history centers around the last week and they've left us A 1 star, ask yourself what is real.  Like our one time fake friend Emmie.  Check out all the ATTACK reviews on our Google reviews and do your part.  Help us make Google fix this.  Give us a good review.  Get your mom to give us a good review.  Report the fake reviews to Google.  Yup , we aren't perfect and sometimes we suck, but the level of suck that these fake competitors are presenting are just representative of why this review system is not fair to anyone.

In the mean time, please enjoy this




It's real simple:

Search "Jetpack Comics Google Reviews".  Scroll down to WRITE A REVIEW and click on it.  Select all 5 stars and write a note about how awesome Jetpack is.  Get GOOGLE Extra Credit by posting a picture of yourself at Jetpack.  (Note that you can both write a review and post a picture.  They do not have to be done at the some time.)

EXTRA CREDIT FOR A YELP REVIEW - That's right.  Do the same for Yelp and you'll get an extra bonus.

What's the prize?   Of course we'll make it worth your while by letting you spin The Jetpack Wheel of Misfortune.  That's right. You do the thing you do best and we let you save money - up to 65% off SRP of your purchase.  Do the Yelp review and also get the Jetpack Comics "Remove Before Flight" key tag.  Help us keep non-believers at bay. Just come in and show us the reviews on your phone, and you can take the wheel for a spin! 

Be a part of the Jetpack Comics Review Revolution and help us make America great again, cause the other guys sure ain't doing it.

One lucky random reviewer will be chosen, at contest's end, to win an extra special Jetpack Comics prize package.  When's it end? Why when we say it does, of course.


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