Starting as low as ONE DOLLAR and climbing in value, we've got back issues for you

Comic Book collecting can be more than just picking up your new comics each week and bagging and boarding them.
With the long history of comic books there is so much good reading and great art that you have never explored.

Why not take a minute and check out our $1 room of comics (yes, for the price of one new funny book you can pick up 4 comic books from the dollar room).
Dozens of boxes of Marvel and DC comics as well as all kinds of indy gems you've never heard of.

Looking for some higher quality older comics.  We've got a table full of $3 each or 5/$10 comics as well as a table of better back issues ranging from $3 and up.
Of course we've got our infamous wall of comics! Hundreds of feet of highly collectible comics on our wall right behind the counter.

We've even got a section of just Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Back Issues.

Once you discover a series you like we can help you fill in the holes and gaps in your collection.

Happy Comic Hunting

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