Comic Review: Cyborg Rebirth #1


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cybreb_cv1_dsCyborg Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)

I’ll be honest; Cyborg has never been one of my favorite characters. Sure, I’ve enjoyed his inclusion in the Justice League thanks to DC’s New 52 initiative, but when it comes to his solo outings I’ve never really felt any interest in the character. However, with DC Rebirth it’s a time for new beginnings, and with that in mind I picked up the new Cyborg Rebirth from John Semper Jr and Paul Pelletier. Could this be the entry point into the character that’s often eluded me?

Kind of.

Like many of the Rebirth specials, Cyborg Rebirth serves as a good introduction to the character, and foundation building for what Semper has planned for the series. Much of this issue finds Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, battling a gigantic tech monster named Malware, who’s currently trying to access some valuable information from Silas Stone’s lab. Cyborg must do everything he can to protect his father’s information and research from falling into the wrong hands. But who, or what, sent Malware after this tech to begin with?

That’s the mystery that John Semper Jr. will be covering when Cyborg starts up proper in a few weeks, and it’s a pretty compelling mystery. Like I said before, my interest in Cyborg is very minimal, but I liked the way that Semper wrote the character, and he did a good job of making this issue be a good introduction to Cyborg without bogging down the issue with a ton of exposition.

Paul Pelletier’s art looked a little looser than usual in Cyborg Rebirth. Typically his work is really solid and tight, but in this issue there were definitely some panels that had some weird facial expressions and odd angles. Despite this, Pelletier is able to make his pencils count when he needs to, and he depicts the fight between Cyborg and Malware really well. His design for Malware was also pretty sweet too.

So after reading Cyborg Rebirth, am I more inclined to check out the character’s solo series? A little bit. While I’m intrigued by the mystery behind Malware and why his creator is so interested in the mechanical members of the DC Universe, this definitely feels like it has one of the weaker hooks of the Rebirth series. Whether that hook improves as the series goes on remains to be seen, but I’ll definitely check out the first few issues to see.