Madison Elementary in Iowa asked for a hand in decorating their gym.

Madison Elementary in Iowa asked for a hand in decorating their gym.

Below is the letter they sent requesting superhero items to decorate their gym. What can we say we are a sucker for these. A Shipment is on it's way.

Madison Elementary is an inner city elementary school in Davenport, Iowa.  Davenport Schools is one of the largest urban school districts in the state of Iowa.  We have 17 elementary schools, 4 intermediate schools, 4 high schools, 1 alternative high school, 1 K-8 building, the Creative Arts Academy, and a network of early childhood learning centers.  Madison is one of those 17 elementary schools with an enrollment number of approximately 420 students our student demographics consist of 32% White, 35% Black of African American, 14.6% Hispanic, and 18.3% Multi-racial. A majority of our families come from a low socioeconomic background which is why all of our students qualify for 100% free and reduced meal status.

Madison is a full service community school and we are fortunate to have many resources that we are able to utilize. Madison has a school counselor, therapist, family matters liaison, compassion therapy, lunch buddies, we provide adult education, and we have many other resources in place. Madison Elementary has one of the highest turnover rates in the district. This means that if you compare a teacher’s class list at the beginning of the year to the end, the rosters would look quite different.

The staff here at Madison is very dedicated to not only having our students become proficient readers but also becoming successful members of our society.  In order to reach our goals staff members outside of the classroom provide additional support to help our students meet their educational goals.  As an educational leader I must do my part in keeping the school’s vision alive by promoting the success of the students by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining the school culture that has been developed through goals, expectations, culture, climate, and values surrounding the Madison vision. The culture and climate of an organization create a strong conception of what the school values, of what its expectations are, and the image it protects.

I am writing you today in hopes that you can help me in promoting my new Superhero Initiative Plan.  My purpose behind this initiative is to promote the Superhero in all of us by recognizing these characteristics of our heroes;

S trong Determination
U nderstanding
P urpose
E xercise their mind and body
R espect
H eroes INSPIRE others
E ncourage others
R eflect a Positive Attitude
O pen to healthy eating
E mpathy
S how their best Effort

I hope to show my students the importance of embracing these Superhero characteristics both at school and at home.  I am wondering if Comic Book Store would be willing to donate any items showcasing the amazing Superheroes of the DC Universe and Marvel.  I truly mean any item, nothing is too big or small, posters, banners, stand ups, stickers, comics, anything you feel could benefit my students at Madison. My hope is to display these amazing characters on the old walls in my gymnasium in hopes to inspire my students as these Superheroes inspired me as a child.  If your store is kind enough to donate an item for display I will also place a sign next to the item with the name and location of your store.  Students will then be able to see the geographical location and be able to look up the store.  Growing up I faced many challenges and comics gave me an escape, fueled my imagination and inspired me to set goals.  Even though I faced many challenges as a child unfortunately they pale in comparison to some of the challenges my students face on a daily basis.  This is one the many reasons why I have remained at Madison for nineteen years now.  These students humble and inspire me daily and I am hoping “In Brightest Day in Blackest Night,” that your Superheroes can help inspire my students as well giving them hope every time they enter my gymnasium. Once again I could truly use any items that you would be willing to donate. Extra items can be used as part of a reward incentive where once a student has earned enough points they can choose a decal or item of their favorite college. No item is too old, Madison Elementary has been educating students for 77 years and I’m hoping with your help we can give Madison a Superhero upgrade. I wish your store the best in all its future endeavors. Thank you very much; I greatly appreciate your time and effort. 

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