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If you’ve been a fan or foe of Jetpack Comics for a while now, then you know how we do our deals / sales / food drives etc. While every other store is riding the holidays at retail we’re always giving you the chance to save money (we’re not very good at business).

You must know that 12/24 we’re open for a short shift and it’s the day you can save more money than any other day at Jetpack.  That savings depends on you and your generosity.  Not for the community but for us Jetpack slobs.

That’s right! It’s the day you pay tribute to the people that have saved you tons over the holidays.

How’s it all work?

You bring us Food, Alcohol, more food and all the alcohol and we’ll make you an incredible deal.  No lie.  No bull.  You take care of us and we’ll take care of you

Bring us something to eat.  Something delicious.  Something that Kyle, Jon, Reny and MaK and Cam can share.  We want delicious food.  We want fried chicken.  We want burgers and pulled pork sliders.  We want salads.  How about some Chinese food?  How about some BEER or Rum.  To be clear, we’re not looking for candy and deserts.  Bottom line is that we want to eat and drink. Surprise us.  Wow us.  Show us that you want to save $$ by giving us treats and more.  Yes, you can bring deserts but just sugar makes us grumpy.

That’s it.  Show up to the SALE.  Provide us with food.  Go take advantage of the sale.


EVERYTHING in the store.


That depends on you.  A box of cookies ain’t gonna save you much but a bucket of KFC is gonna reward you x10.


Our number one friend, Leslie, brings us alcohol every year.  Not just one bottle.  A bottle for everyone.  Leslie gets to shop our entire inventory and make purchases for less than our cost.  Truly, we lose money, but the booze takes the edge off.
It’s really that simple.  We like to drink.  We like to eat.  The better the tribute the more you save.

If you want to save more than Leslie (our absolute favorite person in the whole wide world) you just have to do better. Good luck with that friends.  Accept the challenge and fill our bellies!

Bring your tribute to Kyle, in the game room.  He will evaluate your tribute and provide you with a discount structure.  It is important that you let Kyle if you want to save money on specific areas.  See below for our restricted savings items

** Stipulations & restrictions – the more effort you put in the better the savings.
Sales & deals are not applicable with store credit.  Plus all the usual restrictions and stipulations we have to make as usual.

Items that we make less on so the savings is less.
Booster Boxes of any product.
Wall Back Issues (not variants or exclusives) priced over $50.
There might be a few other restricted items – Kyle will let you know.

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