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Come on down for Friday Night Magic every Friday!

Come On Down For Friday Night Magic Every Friday!

Every Friday night in the Jetpack Clubhouse!

Players start arriving around 5 pm.

Tournaments start at 7 pm


Draft / Standard / Casual

We play it all!


Casual – Free to play with absolutely no prizes given.  Just come, bring a deck and have some fun.

There are no rules for casual.  Come and go as you please!


Friday Night Draft – $15 gets you 3 packs of cards to build your deck draft style.

Not sure what that is?  Google it buddy, or ask a friendly Jetpack Staff member.

Prizes awarded every week include rare FNM promo cards & Jetpack Cash!


Be sure to check our schedule at to see what format we’re playing this week.

Watch for Pre-Release events (that means you can get the new cards up to a week early), PPTQ (fancy important event) and other Magic events.

Get on our weekly email list to keep up on the details (check the top right corner of this screen buddy)!


Of course we’re part of the Wizards Play Network. Got a DCI Number? Great! We can get you all loaded up so you can get points or whatever it is you get for that! 

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