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Waugh’s Bag, Volume 7, Issue 38!

“Superman No More?”


If the rumors are to be believed, then Henry Cavill may be giving up the role of the Man of Steel. A lot as happened since the day that the Cavill bombshell dropped, but since then there’s been really nothing about Cavill’s role in the DCEU. Aside from a very cryptic response from Warner Bros, and an even weirder Instagram post from Cavill, we comic fans are still left with nothing that really tells us definitively if Cavill is truly out or not and as the weeks go by, that gets pretty frustrating.


On the one hand, Henry Cavill bailing on Superman isn’t that outside of the realm of possibility. Lukewarm reaction to Justice League aside, there isn’t a lot planned for the Man of Steel in the DC movie world. Even before the release of League, plans for a proper Man of Steel 2 film were hushed rumors at best, and after the release of the DC team-up film, there was a definite shift at Warner Bros towards more standalone films. However, none of those standalone films were going to star Superman. With the recent announcement of a Supergirl movie, it was even more clear that Cavill probably wouldn’t be getting another solo film for at least two years, and for someone like Cavill, who, after the reception of Mission: Impossible: Fallout, could probably have whatever project he wanted, waiting around for a Superman movie that may not happen doesn’t seem very appealing.


One of those projects he wanted? The role of Geralt in Netflix’s Witcher series. Is Cavill a weird choice for that? Yup, but it’s giving him a starring role that he clearly wants. There’s bound to be some frustration on Cavill’s part for having his Superman sequel turn into Batman V Superman, which lead to him not only sharing the spotlight, but also being overshadowed by a new Batman (and being underserved by the movie). Then when you look at Justice League, a film where he’s not even in half of the finished product, well, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to do something he really wants.


Then again, this could all be an elaborate, public way to get Warner Bros to pony up some more cash. After all, they didn’t lock Cavill down for a multi picture deal like how Marvel Studios contracts their actors, and now it’s coming to bite them. While the Man of Steel won’t be appearing in Shazam, I do think there’s a decent chance that Cavill could come back, but I think it’s going to take an actual announcement about a legit Man of Steel sequel with a director attached to really get him to commit. After the character rehab Superman went through in Justice League, it would be nice to see Cavill finally play the “real” Superman.

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