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Comic Review: Old Lady Harley #1


Old Lady Harley #1 (of 5) (DC Comics) OLH_Cover01_MAURICET_DEF_5b4cc0f56323d3.96761800

Wolverine has Old Man Logan. Hawkeye has Old Man Hawkeye. Hell, it seems like every character in the Marvel Universe has an “old” counterpart. So it’s only fitting that DC would start getting into the game, but instead of having Batman or Superman fill that role, they’re having Harley Quinn take up the old mantle with Old Lady Harley. With Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda taking on the story, Old Lady Harley ends up being a pretty fun ride.

One of the reasons why this debut issue is so fun is because of Tieri’s script. No stranger to the weird world of Ms. Quinn, Tieri is able to make this opening issue an easy to jump into, mainly because this is an alternate reality for the world of DC. Seeing the DC universe through this weird Mad Max/Borderlands lens is pretty interesting, and makes for a fun spin on the current DC universe.

Much of that unique take on the DC universe comes from Inaki Miranda’s art, which is pretty spectacular. Miranda has the art look both super detailed and full of fluid motion, crafting some pretty dynamic panel layouts as well. You could easily remove all of the dialogue from this opening issue and Miranda’s art would still convey the story extremely well.

Old Lady Harley may not be an entirely necessary comic, but it’s a pretty fun one. With so many alternate futures out there in comics, it’s nice to see one series step up to make fun of it a little. Even if you’re burnt out on the current trend of Harley comics like me, you’ll still find some pretty fun stuff in Old Lady Harley #1.

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