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Comic Review: Avengers Halloween Special


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Marvel’s getting into the Halloween spirit with the Avengers Halloween Special, a one-shot featuring a ton of spooky “What If” tales designed to put a spooky spin on your favorite heroes. With a talent line up that includes Gerry Duggan, the Soska Sisters, and even Jay Baruchel, this special definitely lives up to its name, is definitely not for kids.

Of the five stories in this comic, the standout is “The Eyes Have It” from Rob Fee and artist Eoin Marron. Focusing on a world where Matt Murdock regains his sight after an experimental surgery, it quickly becomes a dark and twisted story that legitimately surprised me at how shocking it was. There’s no getting around it, this story is super scary, with an unnerving script, and even more unsettling art from Marron.

This is looking like a pretty light week for comics, so if you’ve got extra cash in your budget and you’re looking for something a little on the spookier side, The Avengers Halloween Special is a really awesome read. I was very surprised at how great it was, and I really hope this becomes a new annual tradition at Marvel.

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