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Comic Review: Hex Wives


HEXW_01-(Cover)_5bc51c7b2637c8.48679262Hex Wives #1 (Vertigo Comics)

Vertigo’s new series Hex Wives couldn’t have been released on a better day. The Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo series, an interesting mix of witchcraft and The Stepford Wives, is a pretty fun and slightly spooky book. Unfortunately though, it’s more interesting when it’s focused on the history of the two leads than the actual plot.

Isadora and Nadiya have been hunted all of their lives. At war with the mysterious “Architects” for centuries, the two soulmates have done battle with their enemies for so long that they’ve grown tired of it. But just when they think they’ve had their last battle, the Architects execute their master plan, which has put Isadora and Nadiya in a new, unfamiliar world with no memory of the life they once had.

Like I mentioned before, Ben Blacker’s script is a mix of classic witchcraft tales with The Stepford Wives. As interesting as the Stepford Wives part of the story is, it’s sadly not as interesting as Isadora and Nadiya bouncing through time, fighting the Architects. Blacker’s script does a great job of humanizing both characters, but there’s not a lot of time spent explaining the Architects, which might explain why the book doesn’t feel as interesting once the actual plot kicks in. It’s a shame though, cause the opening pages of this book were really surprising and fun, which I wasn’t expecting when I started reading this.

I was aware of Mirka Andolfo’s art from books like Unnatural and DC Bombshells, so I knew what to expect from Hex Wives, but I was still surprised at how well his style worked for this series. Andolfo’s art style is a good mix of Stuart Immonen and Karl Kerschl, and it adds a fun, playful motion to the book, and works really well in the “Stepford Wives” part of the book. In fact, Andolfo’s art is the only thing that really elevates that part of the book.

While I’m a little bummed that Hex Wives‘ main plot doesn’t interest me quite as much as the set-up, I do think there’s plenty here to interest people who are fans of witch-themed books. At the very least, Hex Wives makes for a fun, Halloween-themed read that’ll please fans of witches and warlocks.

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