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Comic Review: Murder Falcon #2

Murder Falcon #2 (Image Comics) MurderFalcon02_Cover

Daniel Warren Johnson’s Murder Falcon was an assured debut issue, which should come as no surprise given his pedigree as the creator of Extremity. I was so impressed with this opening issue that I decided to review the second issue, just to see if he could continue his momentum. After reading it, I can confidently say that he absolutely can, and Murder Falcon‘s shaping up to be one of the most unique comics on the stands.

Picking up immediately after the first issue, Murder Falcon #2 finds Jake and Murder Falcon attempting to expand their power to fight monsters. To do this, they reach out to Jake’s former Bass player, and uncover the mystical bass guitar that will help augment Murder Falcon’s powers. This leads to an underground cave beneath a record shop, guarded by a massive creature, and as Jake and his companions enhance their powers, they quickly become noticed by the being pulling the strings behind everything, Magnum Khaos.

Everything I said in my review of Murder Falcon #1 holds true for this issue too. Daniel Warren Johnson continues to leave his mark as the most underrated creator in comics today, and Murder Falcon is a very personal story for him, and it’s certainly unique as well. Everything from the storytelling to the extremely kinetic artwork is fantastic, and leads to a comic that will please music fans and fantasy fans alike.

Murder Falcon only has two issues out, so if you are interested in picking up the book you really should check it out. It’s a truly fantastic new series that’s being done by a creator who’s at the top of his game creating something that no one else could. It’s easily one of the best new comics of the year, and deserves your time and money.

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