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Comic Review: Middlewest #1

Middlewest #1 (Image Comics) index

Skottie Young is well-known for his hilarious “kid version” variants for Marvel, but he’s also an established writer as well, with some great runs on Rocket Raccoon and his Image series I Hate Fairyland. Now he’s adding on to his Image stable of titles with Middlewest, a new fantasy series that stars a young boy fighting the living embodiment of a storm.

When a massive storm starts coming for Abel’s home, he’s thrown off by it screaming his name. In actuality it’s his father, who’s just transformed into a monstrous storm after fighting his son. Abel’s always had some weird stuff around him, like the talking fox that follows him around, but this is a whole other level, and he’ll need to travel the country to get the answers he seeks to stop this storm and get his father back.

Skottie Young’s script, while a little more serious than I Hate Fairyland, is really great and sets up an intriguing mystery. Young sets up a really cool and wonderful world that’s like ours, but just slightly off-kilter. It’s got a very Neil Gaiman vibe to it, and moves along at a pretty quick pace too. Young’s already shown that he can create really unique worlds with Fairyland, but it’s cool to see him try something a little more mature with this series.

Unfortunately, Skottie Young isn’t drawing Middlewest, but thankfully Jorge Corona’s art is just similar enough to Young’s art that it almost seems like he did. Corona’s art is still just as kinetic as Young’s, and his designs for the world are really dynamic. His personification of the storm is one of the best panels I’ve seen this year, and I can’t wait to see what else is coming from this book.

So far Middlewest is another solid debut for Skottie Young, and I’m expecting nothing but great things from the series. While it’s not as hilarious and weird as I Hate Fairyland, Skottie Young is definitely stretching out his narrative muscles here, and it seems like this will become another series that will garner more attention for the creator. Fans of fantasy series like Sandman will definitely want to seek it out.

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