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Don’t miss our annual Christmas Eve Sale!

Don’t Miss Our Annual Christmas Eve Sale!

Details Coming Soon.

We’ll give you a hint… it’s on Christmas Eve, chum.


** disclaimers, restrictions and the place where you find out you don’t save as much as you want to, you cheap SOB.


    SALES / SPECIALS / DISCOUNTS / BUY X GET X NEVER APPLY TO, Subscriptions, holds, special orders, the last two weeks of NEW merchandise (see clerk with questions), Magic Cards (unless otherwise noted) or Cards Against Humanity and it’s expansions, generic or otherwise.

Dealers – Retailers – Ebayers & the such – NOPE – WE are not going to
sell to you.  We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any
reason.  Mostly the reason will be that we want to support our friends,
not your business.

    JETPACK STORE CREDIT (ie Jetpack Credit Cards) are not applicable forms of payment during sales – you know why.

    You can not combine, stack, match, merge or have threesomes with the discount structures, savings and deals.  You get one at a time, per purchase. You figure out what saves you the most and tell us to do it. Should you accept this mission…..

    No Tom Foolery.  Don’t make us call BS on you and call you out in store and on the inter-tards!  If we have to explain this to you then you are thinking about doing it. Just stop.

    Cute babies get the highest of high fives!  You know I’m lookin at you baby.

We are not responsible for typos in this sale write up.

Food donations can not be expired food and toys can not be crappy toys.  Toys must be brand new with no wrapping paper. Toys can not be 99 cent match box cars or other dollar store crap.  No, you can’t buy the toys at our sale and donate them after. Give generously and be rewarded. Be cheap and be ridiculed.  NO EXCEPTIONS TO DONATIONS. All donations must be presented at the counter to get your Holiday Sale shopping slip. Slip must be turned in when you make your purchase.

SIMPLY PUT –  non-perishable food items or unwrapped new toys in the qty stated, get you into the sale of the day!  The food can not be expired and the toys can’t be shitty generic matchbox cars. The clerk will call you out and deny you.

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