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Comic Review: DC Nuclear Winter Special #1


DC Nuclear Winter Special #1 (DC Comics) dc-nuclear-winter-special-cover

The seasons have changed, which means it’s time for another DC special. But instead of the sun and surf of their Beach Blanket special from this past Summer, we’re now being treated to a winter themed one starring some of DC’s biggest heroes. Well, not quite “winter” winter. More like a Nuclear Winter.

Set up with a Rip Hunter framing device, the DC Nuclear Winter Special has a host of creators detailing stories of the heroes and villains of the DC universe in the early days of a post-nuclear apocalypse. That’s a a bummer of a framing device, for sure, but a lot of the stories in here are actually pretty entertaining. There are a lot of stories in this special, but the clear winners are the Batman story and the Supergirl one. Both feature awesome new spins on these well-known characters, and even add some really inspiring moments as well.

Depending on your comic budget for the week, the DC Nuclear Winter Special may or may not be worth the money. But if you find yourself with a little wiggle room and are curious to see some of DC’s best in the post-nuclear world, you should definitely pick this up.

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