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CLOSING EARLY 2/6/19 for a Midget $^!% Storm

CLOSING EARLY 2/6/19 For A Midget $^!% Storm

Closing promptly at 6:55 pm 2/6/19

We could not be more happy to close early on 2/6/2019 because we’re  going to Rochester’s Best Event EVER. That’s right, MIDGET WRESTLING  returns to the Rochester Opera House.  Get your tickets now and DO NOT WALK INTO JETPACK after 6:55 that day.

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So 2/6/2019 we’ll have a short day (see what we did) because we’re  watching little people beat the crap out of each other.

Midgets with Attitude brings a highly energetic and electrifying show that has been seen in all 48 of the continental United States. The wrestlers currently do approximately 250 shows a year and have successfully produced and performed at over 3,000 shows nationwide.

Since their inception, they have been featured several times on national television, including Fox Television’s “Bones”, Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss”, TruTv’s “Full Throttle” and Country Music Television’s “Strangest Ways To Make A Buck.”

They showcase a very unique brand of sports entertainment that continues to showcase the athletic skills of their little people. Their group of midget wrestlers are world-class athletes that are able to perform at the highest (and lowest) levels.

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