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Comic Review: Captain Marvel #1

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You may or may not know, but Ms. Carol Danvers has a movie coming out in a few months. To capitalize on this, Marvel has started up yet another Captain Marvel #1, with breakout Uncanny X-Men writer Kelly Thompson penning her tales and Carmen Nunez Carnero drawing. Captain Marvel has a had a LOT of new starts in the past few years, and while some have been a success, there are others that have floundered. But after reading this issue, it’s clear that Thompson and Carnero have something truly special planned for this series.

One of the big reasons why this debut issue works is Kelly Thompson’s script. Like Rogue and Gambit and her work on Uncanny X-Men, Kelly Thompson proves that she has a real gift for making her characters relatable, no matter what kind of superhuman abilities they possess. Sure, Carol Danvers can fly through the air and punch tanks, but she’s also a regular person with friends and family that she cares about. Thompson’s handle on the character rivals only Kelly Sue DeConnick’s in my opinion, and she could even surpass that writer with this series.

I’ve never seen Carmen Nunez Carnero’s art before this issue, but let me just say: holy crap. Carnero’s style is perfectly suited for this type of comic. It’s bold, confident, and packed with emotion and style. Able to jump from Carol knocking out a giant monster to her and Jessica Drew reconnecting, Carnero’s art is sure to draw people in who just flip through the issue on the stands, and will definitely give her some more attention at the company and with comic fans.

Those looking to see what the fuss is about with Captain Marvel should know, Captain Marvel #1 is pretty new-reader friendly. Like with any comic, there’s a few things you might need to google, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Thompson and Carnero really come out swinging with this new series, and I’m pumped to see where they go with it.

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