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Waugh’s Bag, Volume Eight, Issue Three!

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Waugh’s Bag

Volume Eight, Issue 3!

“Who Ya Gonna Call…..Again….Nope, Again, Again”

We’re getting another Ghostbusters movie!

…would be how I’d start this column if the 2016 reboot, and the fiasco around that movie’s release, hadn’t happened. As someone who enjoyed the Paul Feig female-lead film just fine, but thought it could’ve been better, the news of a new Ghostbusters film directed by Jason Reitman (aka the son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman), has me very hesitant, for a lot of reasons. Sure, it could be neat seeing a new team of Ghostbusters in the same world as the one that Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston, perhaps even with them training the new crew, but at the same time, it seems like making a film in the same world as the original film is something they should have done in the first place with the Paul Feig team, and runs of the risk of emboldening the worst types of people on the internet.

When the Paul Feig Ghostbusters was coming out, it created a minefield of internet opinions that rivals the reaction to The Last Jedi. There was no room for anyone in the middle (like me), you had to either be for it, or completely against it. And the people who were against it expressed their feelings in the absolute worst ways possible. The effects of the negative reactions and troll accounts birthed from this film’s release are still being felt today, and by announcing this new Ghostbusters so soon after the box office shrug of the 2016 reboot could absolutely been seen as Sony “giving in” to those who felt negatively (to use the term loosely) about the reboot. Imagine if Lucasfilm and Disney announced a new version of The Last Jedi two years from now, and you’d get an idea of the type of people who’d be all for it.

But just a few days after the Ghostbusters news was announced (with a teaser trailer, no less), another report came out saying that this new film would focus on new characters played by child actors who take up the mantle of the Bustin’ Ghosts. While it gave me some pleasure to watch the reactions to this news a mere few days after people were crapping all over the 2016 reboot again, it still doesn’t interest me that much. To be honest, the only Ghostbusters rumored film that DID interest was the one that was trying to get made for years that rumored to have Paul Rudd, Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, and other current comedy actors teaming up with the old guard. At this point, it seems like Sony can’t get out of their own way, even though they really want to make another Ghostbusters for licensing reasons.

Look, I love the original Ghostbusters, but it’s diminishing returns since that first one (even though I think the reboot is better than Ghostbusters II). While I’m certainly curious about what Ivan Reitman has planned, I can’t say that there’s any desire to see the movie yet. I don’t want to see Dan Aykroyd cram into a jumpsuit again to relive his glory days, and to be honest, the reactions to the reboot and even this upcoming movie have already kind of soured me on the movie, and it hasn’t even come out yet. There are some franchises that shouldn’t be revived, and maybe Ghostbusters is one of them.

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