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Comic Review: Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #1


Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #1 (of 5) (Marvel Comics) STL108613_1024x1024

Nightcrawler has always been one of my favorite members of the X-Men, so the news that he was getting his own Age of X-Man tie-in was pretty cool. What’s also cool is that the Sean Maguire written and Juan Frigeri drawn series doesn’t have any overt ties to the Age of X-Man event, so it can be read pretty much on its own (so far at least). While this first issue isn’t overflowing with insane action or story beats, it does present an interesting twist on Nightcrawler’s status in the world of X-Man, namely that he’s the biggest celebrity the world has ever seen.

Starring in hit movies, attending gala events, it’s all part of the life of Kurt Wagner. While still a member of the X-Men, he’s been spending his time recently filming his newest feature film with his costar Meggan. He’s got everything he could ever want: money, fame, the love of everyone in the world, so why is he so bummed out?

That’s the mystery that Sean Maguire leaves us with at issue’s end, and while it’s not necessarily a big one, Maguire’s script is done so well that you don’t really mind. Instead of boring you with a rundown of how this world differs from the “regular” Marvel universe, Maguire instead puts the main focus on Kurt and his studio, and the people who work with him. It’s a really great look into Kurt’s life in this world, and allows you to connect to him in a really effective way.

I’m not very familiar with Juan Frigeri’s art, but after this issue I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on him. Featuring some fantastic line work and great character designs, Frigeri leaves a major stamp on this character, and makes his presence known. I can’t wait to see what the next few issues look like under his art.

Even if you’re not invested in the Age of X-Man event, there’s enough in Amazing Nightcrawler to still interest fans of the teleporting mutant. While it’s another alternate universe story, the fact that it puts the spotlight on the fan-favorite mutant adds a lot to the series, and even enhances the main event by putting a microscope on one aspect of this universe. Check it out.

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