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Comic Review: Meet The Skrulls!


indexMeet The Skrulls #1 (Marvel Comics)

As the big bads for the upcoming Captain Marvel film, The Skrulls are due for the spotlight again, and with Meet The Skrulls, they get it. But surprisingly Robbie Thompson and Niko Henrichon’s debut issue isn’t the start of a big event, but a smaller, character focused miniseries that feels an awful lot like Tom King’s Vision series from a few years ago.

Meet The Skrulls focuses on a small group of Skrull agents posing as a family in order to usurp the human race’s efforts to figure out a way to better detect them when they’re in disguise. But one of the Skrulls that poses as a teenager has become fond of the humans around her, and is second guessing her mission. Will her “father” end up sacrificing the agent for the greater good of his race, or will he himself have second thoughts?

That’s the main driving force behind Robbie Thompson’s debut issue, and while it makes for an interesting hook for me, I’m not sure if there’s enough here to really get people interested. As a fan of TV shows like The Americans, this comic has a lot of similarities with that fantastic series, and it’s admittedly a great idea to use this as a different spin on the Skrulls. Thompson has a lot of fun subverting spy tropes for this series, and it really fleshes out the Skrull race as a more than just a group of evil aliens. But there’s not a whole lot of background info on the Skrull’s mission on Earth. Aside from some vague references to a project the humans are working on that can detect them when they’re in disguise, there’s nothing much else to let us in on the overall story of the comics.

Niko Henrichon’s art has a slightly cartoony style, but it works out great for this series. Henrichon is able to make the Skrull aliens look exactly like how you remember, but he also adds some great details to them that make them his own. While his skrulls look a little strange in their human form, the Skrull designs are pretty great, and Henrichon shows a lot of potential for future Marvel work with this.

While I’m not sure this will get the sales Marvel is hoping for, Meet The Skrulls has a lot of interesting ideas that would surprisingly interest fans of the spy genre. Giving the classic spy genre an interstellar twist is a pretty inspired idea, and I give Marvel credit for trying something different from just creating another event. Here’s hoping we get a little more information for the next issue.

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