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Comic Review: Daredevil #4


Daredevil #4 (Marvel Comics) download (1)

I’ll admit, when it first announced that Chip Zdarsky would be taking over the Daredevil series, I was skeptical. But so far, Zdarsky has shown some insane potential on the Man Without Fear, teaming with artist Marco Checchetto to create a storyline that has shades of every creative team that’s worked on the series before, but giving it his own spin as well. And in keeping with this week’s theme, The Punisher has arrived.

Following his face off with some of NYPD’s finest, this issue finds Matt Murdock waking up in one of Frank Castle’s hideouts. Like everyone else in New York City, Castle believes that Matt Murdock has finally crossed the line into dealing with crime “permanently”, no matter how much Matt denies it. But Matt Murdock isn’t the only person in Punisher’s lair, and it’ll take a lot of convincing to get the Punisher to release his prey….

I mentioned in the review above that it’s difficult to use the Punisher in the Marvel universe at times. Thankfully, Chip Zdarsky knows that when The Punisher is put up against other vigilantes, the smart thing to do is to have him play the villain role, which happens in this issue. While Zdarsky’s Frank sounds a little harder edged than the Frank Castle that starts in Matthew Rosenberg’s Punisher series, it tonally fits in with the story Zdarsky is looking to tell, which is mainly the classic “how far should heroes go to fight crime”, which is a story I am always a sucker for.

Marco Checchetto has been a part of Daredevil from the first issue, and I have to say, this might be his best work. Mainly known for covers and some Star Wars comics, Checchetto’s style is typically stronger suited for static images like covers, yet it works surprisingly well with this series. You’d think that Checchetto’s clean art style wouldn’t work for a character like Daredevil,but you’ll quickly change your mind once you flip through it.

After a stumble with the Man Without Fear miniseries last year, it’s nice to see The Man Without Fear back in action in such an engaging series. Daredevil has had a long history of fantastic creative teams working on his book, and surprisingly it seems like we may be looking to add Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto to that list pretty soon.

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