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Comic Review: Excellence #1

Excellence #1 (Image Comics)excellence-1_dc0dddcf2c

A cool mix of Harry Potter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Excellence is a new science fiction fantasy series from Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph that, after a lengthly set up, essentially asks the age old question “what would you do with magical abilities”?

Now before you go complaining about yet another Image Sci-Fi series, Excellence actually has way more in common with franchises like Harry Potter than any hard science that the publishers routinely crank out. Thomas has created a series of interesting characters and ideas that I’m eager to see play out in the future issues.

Khary Randolph should absolutely be a bigger deal than he is currently is. Even more so than Thomas, Randolph gives the world of Excellence a real “lived in” feeling, with slightly the same features as our own, but with a magical secret world that keeps that keeps tabs on the humans of the world. Randolph’s art style for this series is pretty damn perfect, and his character designs are varied and extremely well done. I fully expect this series to elevate Randolph’s place in comics.

While some people may be hesitant to try out ANOTHER Image sci-fi series, Excellence is a really solid comic that’s worth the price of admission if you bank account can handle it. There’s some truly unique stuff that happens in this series, so the best way to see this is to check it out at you shop and see for yourself.

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