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Comic Review: DCeased #2

STL120596Dceased #2 (DC Comics)

When I reviewed the first issue of Dceased, I mentioned that if the series was able to actually pull no punches, it would be something really interesting. And now that I’ve read the second issue, I can tell you that this book definitely takes the risks I was hoping it would, and the Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine series is the definitely going to take DC fans to some very dark places.

Picking up on the previous issue, the techno-organic virus released by Darkseid’s new Anti-Life Equation has corrupted the planet, and is starting to completely take over the major heroes of the DC universe. Many of your favorite heroes are starting to turn into monsters, and the remaining heroes are starting to wonder just how they’ll be able to save the planet and the surviving heroes. And it’s not going to be easy, especially when Batman is one of the first heroes to fall….

Tom Taylor’s script continues to build off his previous issue, and the intensity only ramps up with this one. Taylor gets to put the spotlight on a lot of other DC heroes in this issue, and continues to have an incredible knack for dialogue for a wide variety of characters. In a lot of ways, Taylor’s takes on some of the more “B level” DC heroes is even better than his takes on A-Listers Superman and Batman, and since one of those characters is definitely in a bad way at the end of this issue, that means that he’s going to be even better as the series goes on and the body count adds up.

Like Taylor’s script, Trevor Hairsine’s art is also better with this issue. Now that the background info is out of the way, Hairsine’s able to really cut loose with some really disturbing moments, and his depiction of the heroes reacting to the craziness around them is really spectacular. The DC universe is truly in chaos in Dceased, but it sure looks pretty damn fantastic.

DCEased is definitely a series that’s going to get a lot of people talking, and I really commend DC for releasing this book. While it’s definitely got some connections to Marvel Zombies, this series is showing this event AS it happens, and dare I say it, it’s even more brutal than the House of Ideas’ zombie tale from over a decade ago. I honestly have no idea where Dceased is going, but I can’t wait to see what’s next for our surviving heroes and villains.

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