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Waugh’s Bag, Volume Eight, Issue Twenty-Two!

s0rRXNiWaugh’s Bag

Volume Eight, Issue Twenty-Two!
“The Rise of Battinson”

After some unverified reports a few weeks ago, we can finally confirm who our next Batman will be. After months of speculation, the next Dark Knight is none other than Robert Pattinson, the man made famous thanks to the Twilight Saga. It’s a surprising development, but one that I’m pretty intrigued by, and no one is more surprised by that statement than myself.

Like a lot of people, I remember the insanity surrounding the Twilight series, and I while I certianly don’t understand the appeal of that series, I do admit that I think Robert Pattinson has a lot of potential as an actor, and that was only solidified by watching Good Time, the 2017 film starring Pattinson as a lowlife criminal trying to get his brother out of jail. As someone who has seen two of the Twilight films (I was curious), I was floored that the person I was watching in Good Time was the same guy who looked brooding and pale in those movies. It was a truly transformative performance that made me go from “oh, he could be interesting” to “hell yes, give this guy the role and turn him loose”.

Granted, that’s only one film, but Pattinson’s resume since leaving the Twilight series behind has been a lot of interesting films like Good Time that all have one thing in common: all of the reviews mention how great he is as an actor. It’s almost like he had the foresight to use Twilight as a way to give him the financial stability to really do some interesting roles, and in all honesty, that’s a pretty fantastic way of thinking. The fact that he has agreed to take on a role like Batman, which could contain multiple films, is pretty surprising for someone to take on after being in something as big as Twilight, but maybe he’s looking at this as a way to continue to allow him to try out some weirder roles in the future, but hopefully he’s more excited about playing Batman than he was about playing Edward Cullen.

Aside from Pattinson agreeing to suit up as the Batman, the thing I find most interesting about his casting is that by and large the internet is surprisingly okay with it, which I’m hoping is because fans are now finally realizing that they have been proven wrong enough times in the past by comic book casting that they should just shut up and let it go through. At the end of the day, it’s not like Warner Bros will stop making Batman movies if this one doesn’t work out. We’ve had bad takes on Batman before (looking at you, Gotham), and it hasn’t really derailed the character, and who knows? Maybe Pattinson will end up being one of the best Batman’s we’ve seen.

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