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Comic Review: Event Leviathan #1

indexEvent Leviathan #1 (DC Comics)

With the Summer officially kicking off, it’s time for the old comic book standby: major line-wide events. While the DC events typically veer into the universe encompassing mega stories, Event Leviathan is a more grounded one, detailing the secret agent side of the DC universe, which isn’t a big surprise when you see the names on the credits for the issue: Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

As the major espionage agencies of the DC universe fall, it’s up to Batman, Lois Lane, Green Arrow, and Steve Trevor to piece together who this mysterious Leviathan organization is, and what they have planned for the world now that all of their rivals are gone. All of the characters have some connection to one of the agencies that was taken down, and while they may not all agree with one another, they need to put a stop to Leviathan before it’s too late.

That may not seem like the most exciting start to a big event series, but that’s probably the aim that Brian Michael Bendis is going for. From the start, Event Leviathan hasn’t been pitched as a huge, universe-shattering event, but more of a mystery series that will put the greatest minds of the DC universe to the test. In a lot of ways, Leviathan is the most at ease Bendis has been since making the jump to DC. While I’ve enjoyed his work on the Superman titles, Leviathan finds him in a genre he works best in: mystery.

Bendis is knowns for working with some of the best artists in comics, and Alex Maleev is definitely high up on that list. Known for his work with Bendis on Scarlet and Daredevil, Maleev probably isn’t the first person you’d think of for a big DC event book. But then again, this isn’t like the other big DC event books, with a much bigger focus on mystery than action. Bendis’ script is well suited for Maleev’s style, so the fact that this issue is more about the main characters discussing what’s happening as opposed to beating the crap out of people is actually a plus.

So far Event Leviathan is a lot different from other big event books, and that’s a welcome change of pace. Too many times these events become pretty formulaic, to the point where you can figure out the outline for the series before the first issue is even published. But Bendis and Maleev look to really shake up the formula by making Event Leviathan the anti-event book, and that looks to have worked out pretty well so far.

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