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Comic Review: Silver Surfer: Black #1

Silver Surfer: Black #1 (Marvel Comics) aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdlcy9pLzAwMC8yNTYvNjk4L29yaWdpbmFsL1NpbHZlci1TdXJmZXItQmxhY2tfMV9BTW9vcmUuanBn

While we haven’t gone without a Silver Surfer title for awhile, that doesn’t mean that Silver Surfer: Black doesn’t have a lot of hype surrounding it. Written by Thanos and Venom writer Donny Cates and drawn by Tradd Moore, the insanely kinetic artist behind The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, a lot of people have their eyes on the character than before, and Black is a welcome return to the Silver Surfer stories of old, featuring epic prose, weird visuals, and cosmic action that needs to be seen to be believed.

Spinning out of the pages of Donny Cates’ first issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer: Black finds Norrin Radd lost in a black hole after saving Beta Ray Bill, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and others from a devastating fate. After falling for what feels like years, the Surfer finds himself on a strange planet that is extremely hostile towards him, and comes into conflict with the character you would least expect to find in a Silver Surfer book.

Donny Cates’ has made a huge splash in recent years on the indie comics circuit and with Marvel, and Silver Surfer is no exception. Cates’ script is full of the type of narration that would feel right at home with old school Stan Lee issues of the character, and he doesn’t skimp on the weird cosmic adventures that you expect the character to go on. In fact, this opening issue has some of the best weird space stuff I’ve seen in Marvel for some time, thought I don’t think you’d get quite as much out of it if you didn’t read the first issue of Guardians of the Galaxy.

If the script for Silver Surfer: Black sets up the insane cosmic action, the art by Tradd Moore takes it to a whole other level. Trust me when I say that you won’t see another book from a major comic publisher that looks quite like this one. Moore peppers his script with a ton of wild visuals, and uses the script Cates provides him with to really let loose and go wild with the art. Every panel of this book is stunning, and a true return to form for Moore.

Silver Surfer: Black is absolutely going to scratch the cosmic Marvel itch that many Marvel Zombies have, and will easily go down as one of the best comics released from the publisher this year. The final page is truly a sight to behold, and will guarantee that longtime readers of everything Donny Cates has written for the publisher will be picking up issue two. I know I will be.

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