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Comic Review: Psi-Lords #1

Psi-Lords #1 (Valiant Comics) index1

Valiant Comics is back with yet another new ongoing, this time focusing on a new team of heroes called the Psi-Lords. As four different astronauts wake up in a strange space prison with no memories of who they or how they got there, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Renato Guedes kick off a new ongoing series with an interesting mystery that should make for a pretty intriguing new series.

Van Lente’s script does a great job of putting us into the character’s heads, and really making us feel just as confused as they are. Starting a team book is no easy task, but Van Lente establishes the major players pretty well early on, and allows for some pretty intriguing character moments to shine through each member’s confusion. Van Lente has a pretty strong resume as a writer, so it’ll be interesting to see where he goes as this series progresses.

If there’s one thing Valiant is known for with their comics, it’s their art, and Renato Guedes is no exception. Guedes’ painterly style is well suited for the script, and his expressive faces really sell the emotional beats of the series. Guedes is a fantastic addition to the Valiant stable, and I can’t wait to see what else he’s got to show us with Psi-Lords.

Valiant is always making waves in their own way within the comic industry, and while they’re still pulling weird gimmicks like glass covers and weird promotional items, it’s nice to see that the comics they are promoting are actually pretty solid. As a publisher they may not have as many “name” characters as the big two, but their consistent output has made them last far longer than I ever thought they would.

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