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Come on down for Friday Night Magic every Friday!

Come On Down For Friday Night Magic Every Friday!

Come check out our NEW FNM featuring a prize pool payout and those sought after PROMO packs.

and once a month we’ll feature the FOIL promo packs!

The best part of the promo packs is that one in four promo packs will have a Japanese-only alternate art planeswalker, previously found only in Japanese War of the Spark boosters. That goes for the foil packs, too. (The planeswalkers will be foil when they appear in the foil packs.)

You’ve seen what they go for!  Now here’s the next few weeks of Magic FNM promo pack breakdowns.
Note that this is in addition to the prize pool pay out!

We’re updating our FNM promo pack prize payout so that you don’t have to stay and play until 1 am.

If you go 3 & 0 this month you get 2 promo packs, plus the store credit pay out.

  • 9/6 – Go 3 – 0 & get 2 promo packs
  • 9/13 – Go 3 – 0 & get 2 promo packs
  • 9/20 – Go 3 – 0 & get 2 promo packs
  • Go 3 – 0 & get 2 FOIL promo packs

Check back to see what we’re doing in September!

FNM registration takes place every Friday from 6:30 to 7 and the draft fires right at 7 pm.You can be late but you’ll get less build time.

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