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Waugh’s Bag, Volume Eight, Issue Twenty-Nine!

lashana-lynchWaugh’s Bag

Volume Eight, Issue Twenty-Nine!
“Agent OO WHAAAA?”

When Agent OO7 returns, they’ll look a little different. Gone will be Daniel Craig from the Agent’s status, and in his place will be Lashana Lynch, who was previously seen in Marvel’s Captain Marvel.

Now, Daniel Craig will still be there as James Bond. But the story of the film finds Bond retiring from active duty, and therefore he won’t be Agent OO7 anymore. It’s an important distinction that a lot of websites are either neglecting to mention or hiding just for internet clicks, a modern theme with entertainment journalism that is pretty much my number one pet peeve. Many sites are just posting “New OO7” with a picture of Lynch, which only adds to the level of unwarranted anger and confusion amongst people who have minor reading comprehension skills.

Of course, I do enjoy seeing these people twist themselves into knots over the idea of someone other than a white British dude as MI6’s most treasured agent, but at the same time, it’s a little annoying how insane that people on both sides are treating this news. I’m all for mixing things up, but anyone who thinks that James Bond ISN’T going to be reinstated as OO7 by the end of this film is probably going to be very disappointed by the time the credits role. Sure, it’s possible that the 25th Bond movie will mix things up and try and put the agent in a new role by the time the film ends (it would be really interesting seeing him try to take up the mantle of “M”), but come on, there’s no way this sticks, and in the end it could be disappointing a vast amount of people who would never be interested in a James Bond film to begin with.

But, maybe this is a step towards something truly different for the character of Bond. He’s easily our longest running movie franchise character, and as much as I love him and his movies, there’s a lot of aspects about him that haven’t aged well. Perhaps Lynch’s addition to the cast of Bond 25 is a testing of the waters to see if audiences want a different type of OO7 in the future. Hell, maybe there’s an idea being thrown around that there will be MULTIPLE different OO7s, with each one showing up in a different film. That’s probably a lofty goal, but right now it seems like EON pictures and MGM are having their cake and eating too, and I hope it doesn’t come back to bite them.

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