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Waugh’s Bag, Volume Eight, Issue Thirty!

biggest-bombshells-from-the-2019-comic-con-marvel-panel-thor-love-and-thunder-mahershala-ali-blade-natalie-portman-chang-chi-awkWaugh’s Bag

Volume Eight, Issue Thirty!

“Marvel Steals The Show”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Marvel would take a victory lap at San Diego Comic Con following the release of Avengers: Endgame. Luckily for us though, Kevin Feige wasn’t quite ready to rest on his laurels, and instead gave us some insight into not only the upcoming Disney+ series from the MCU, but quite a number of the phase four films that the studio will be working on. From Shang Chi facing off with the real Mandarin, to the return of the badass vampire slayer Blade, Feige and Co. have quite the line up coming our way, and it’s looking like their most diverse layout of films yet.

For starters, Phase four is looking to be the most diverse line up of Marvel films ever. From The Eternals (which started filming already) to Taika Waititi’s return to Thor with Love and Thunder, the upcoming slate of Marvel films has something for almost everybody, a feat that proves that Marvel studios is definitely sticking around, and that they are ready to appeal to the widest possible audience. Love movies like The Raid? Well, Shang-Chi is going to probably blow your mind. Like horror films? Returning director Scott Derrickson promises that his Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be the studio’s first “full blown horror movie”. Jonesing for a cool spy drama? Scarlett Johansson is back as Natasha Romanoff in the long-awaited Black Widow solo film, and she’s facing off with none other than Taskmaster himself.

This is Marvel Studios really branching out and trying some new stuff, and while some might say it’s cause they don’t know what to do now that Endgame has come and gone, I see it as the natural progression of phase three, which saw filmmakers like Ryan Coogler and Taika Waititi put their own individual stamps on Marvel franchises to huge results. It took them a while to get to this point, but it seems like Marvel Studios has finally hit the sweet spot with getting interesting directors that can do their own thing, but still work within the Marvel mode to make sure that their projects all feel connected to a larger whole. It’s a really exciting time to be a comic book movie fan, as we have next to nothing to go on with any of these movies except for what their logos will look like. It’s a bold new era for the studio, and I can’t wait to see what comes from this.

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