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Comic Review: The Resonant!


The Resonant #1 (Vault Comics)01_Resonant_CVR_A-830x1276

Have you ever read a comic and had no idea what you just read? That’s pretty much how I felt after reading David Andry’s The Resonant. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity’w worst impulses are encouraged by “The Wave”, Resonant has some interesting ideas, but too little information to really make them stick.

Paxton is a father trying to care for his three children in some very dark times. One child is difficult enough to handle, let alone three, but when one of those three is struck with a terminal illness, it’s almost impossible. But somehow Paxton and his family have survived for some time, and have carved out some sort of semblance of a life.  It’s not until a recent supply run when things go awry, as another “wave” hits when Paxton’s family is at their most vulnerable.

David Andry’s script is full of mystery, and that’s the good and bad thing about it. There’s a frustratingly small amount of information given to us about the wave and what it actually does to people when they encounter it. There are small crickets that allow people to know when the wave is coming, but that’s it. We don’t know if the “wave” is caused by these bugs, or if it’s even a physical thing. Andry’s script does a great job of setting up the tension and atmosphere of this world, but it gets a little annoying when you don’t have any real grip on what you’re reading.

Andry’s art, however, is really solid, with a sketchy design that suits the story really well. His characters have slightly exaggerated features that really add to the feeling of chaos in this issue. While the script may be lacking some answers to make the mystery click, the art does a lot of lifting to make up for it.

So far The Resonant has the potential to be a cool little series, but it doesn’t have a lot of plot to hang on just yet. Mysteries are difficult stories to tackle. Give too much, and everyone will figure out your plot. Give too little, and people won’t stick around. So far Resonant falls into the latter category, but with an issue or two, it might improve.

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