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Comic Review: Bad Reception!

Bad Reception #1 (Aftershock Comics) STL125369

A technological whodunnit, Bad Reception seems tailor made for our modern age. Focusing on the wedding of a tech analyst and the biggest pop/social media star on the planet, the latest book from Aftershock Comics is from the mind of Juan Doe, the artist who’s made a name for himself with American Monster, Animosity, and a host of other series. On the day of these pop culture vanguard’s wedding, guests start to go missing, and their bodies turning up with a # mark on them.. Who’s behind this, and can they be stopped in time before the very exclusive nuptials go off?

That’s the big mystery behind the series, and it’s a pretty damn solid one. I had no idea that Juan Doe could write, let alone write this well, before I picked up Bad Reception, and I gotta say, he’s pretty damn solid. Reception has a great hook, and it’s tailor made for something that you’d see on your basic cable miniseries.

On the art side of things, it’s no surprise that Doe is no slouch. His style, while a little cartoony, is still very much his own, and fits the script really well (which is also no surprise since he wrote the damn thing). While he starts the issue with a bunch of black pages (a modern trend in comics that I hate), he quickly uses the rest of the book to show off what he can do, and the results are pretty great.

If you’re looking for a solid mystery to offset all the capes and tights in your pull list, then Bad Reception is definitely the book for you. Filled with some pretty insane moments, it’s the type of mystery that we don’t see in comics enough these days, and is a great showcase for Juan Doe’s many talents as a writer and artist. Check it out.

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