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Free stuff, discounts, and a day to celebrate the world’s greatest detective…and it ain’t Pikachu

First of all, GOOGLE Batman Day 2019 and see how many sites exist that just farm information without verifying it! It’s HILARIOUS but let’s talk about us!

From 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday 9/21 we’re celebrating the Caped Crusader with fun, freebies and discounts.

1 – DRESS UP as a Gotham Vigilante and get your own BAT SYMBOL pin

Okay – Any Bat family villain or hero will do but we gotta getyour picture and social media the Bat-Guano out of you. Line up, ask for a Jetpack Bat-Pict and claim your pin.

2 – Just show up and we’ll have a Bat something or other to give you.

It’ll be a Bat or Harley Comic because that’s how inventive DC is on THEIR OWN BATTING DAY.
There will be plenty of Bat related comics to choose from, even though some of them may feature a psychotic female character that has no place in the positive female Bat-Chick influence category. Come on! She’s a crazy killer. Stop making her a role model DC.

3 – Get ONE SPIN of the wheel of savings for each Bat-Related item you purchase!Keep the highest discount from all your spins.

3 First – If you can prove the Bat-Relation for what you’re buying you get the spin. Batman Aliens? Yup, it happened. Batman Hellboy? Sho’ NUff. That means you can spin and save on Aliens and Hellboy merch. Get it? Don’t make me spell it out more for you.
Batman Pikachu? NOPE. You’re a loser.

3 Second – If you prove 10 items you get 10 spins. Yup, prove x & get x. From the 10 spins you get to apply the highest discount to your soon to be purchase. Don’t like your discount and putting stuff back? The you get NO discount! Yup, for real. Don’t make us prove this to you. Just be respectful.

4 – Bat-Poetry is gonna get you something!

Have you seen that we have exclusives for Dark Nights Metal #1? Okay, it was a combo effort with Forbidden Planet but the point isthat we have 3 exclusive covers to a super cool DC comic that has Batmanin it and plays on the Bat mythos name. Make a BAT-POEM on our poem wall and we will reward you with a random copy of this. You may get the rarest version and you may get the common version but no mater what you will get a bonus for a poem. Want to make more out of your poem? Follow the directions for our Poetry contest and enter it to win more.


5 – What else is happening? WHO KNOWS?

There may be some Sean Murphy autographed comics & trades around the store to purchase at cover price. There may be unique prints. You might even find some Ed McGuinness original Batman art for sale on the cheap. Point is it’s Batman day. Watch for more Batfun.


** Limit of one free Bat-Item per person from select stock. No duplication of items per family. (YES, there is a RARE book for this day and we are limiting it to one per family). See clerk for additional details.

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