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Comic Review: Alpha Flight: True North #1

Alpha Flight: True North #1 (Marvel Comics) index

Not much has been done with Marvel’s heroes of the Great White North, Alpha Flight. Aside from changing the classic Canadian team to a space-patrolling force in the pages of Captain Marvel, things have been very quiet with the superhero team. But in an effort to boost interest in the team again (and probaby keep that copyright going), Marvel’s releasing Alpha Flight: True North, a special one-shot featuring tales from creators that are from our northern neighbors, and the result is a pretty good, but not entirely necessary, special issue.

Featuring tales from writers like Jim Zub, Jed McKay, and Ed Brisson, and art from Max Dunbar, Djibril Morissette-Phan, and Scott Hepburn, True North puts the spotlight on different members of the team on their own adventures. From Snowbird and Talisman investigating a mysterious creature in the wilds of Northern Canada to Vindicator and her husband reuniting, each story is a neat little one and done that has a pretty tidy feel to it, even if it seems like there are some story threads that will be picked up at some point down the road. All three artists bring their own unique styles to each story, and they all suit their individual stories really well.

It almost seems like True North is an “audition” for which creative team would be the ones to bring Alpha Flight into a new series, and honestly I could see any of these three writers and artists doing a great job of bringing these characters to life again. Whether that would make this team a hit with readers remains to be seen, but for now, True North is a nice little showcase for Marvel’s Canadian heroes that don’t get as much love as they probably should.

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