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Comic Review: Flash Forward #1


STL130186Flash Forward #1 (of 6) (DC Comics)

Wally West has been put through the wringer as of late, and with Flash Forward, it’s not stopping anytime soon. Sure, the character got a new lease on life thanks to the DC Rebirth special, but since then he’s bounced around with the Titans, fought with The Flash, and became the culprit of a series of murders in Heroes In Crisis. Needless to say, Wally’s been through A LOT, and that’s left him in a weird position in the current DC universe, and it seems like Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth’s Flash Forward may not be the best course of action for the character.

Serving his time in Blackgate, Wally West is haunted by the things he’s done. After killing heroes and his future self in an attempt to cover it up, he’s content with serving his sentence and trying to atone for his past misdeeds. But all that changes when a mysterious being plucks him from his cell and tells him that the fate of the multiverse depends on him. But how can Wally defend an entire multiverse of people when he’s barely capable of defending himself?

That’s a question that Scott Lobdell barely touches on in this issue, and it’s a real shame. I always hate comparing writers in the comic book field, but when you are following a writer as skilled as Tom King, you better bring your A game, and unfortunately Lobdell doesn’t have what it takes, despite his pedigree. In a lot of ways, Lobdell’s script feels like it’s just going through the motions of what the DC editorial team want him to accomplish as opposed to a story that he legitimately wants to tell, and that unfortunately comes through in the final product.

The art, on the other hand, is pretty damn great. Since Brett Booth is the one behind it that should come as no real surprise, as his art is pretty much the definition of “DC Comics”. He’s an extremely talented artist who is very underrated in his field, yet whenever his work comes out you can’t help but ask yourself why he isn’t on the level of some other artists with the publisher. Hopefully with this series that will change.

Flash Forward isn’t going to the be the series to push the ongoing “DC Rebirth” narrative forward (if that’s even their initiative still), but fans of Wally West will most likely pick it up to see what the character is up to post Heroes In Crisis. While they may not like where West is at, they’ll probably find enough to enjoy. As for me though? Well, it’s pretty telling that there’s very little hype around this project in regards to DC Rebirth, as opposed to, say, Doomsday Clock, or even the Year of The Villain” series of tie-ins.

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