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Comic Review: Inferior Five!

The Inferior Five #1 (DC Comics) STL130213

Jeff Lemire has had a long career as an independent creator and one for DC, but with Inferior Five the indie Lemire and the big publisher Lemire collide, and the result is a pretty strange series for DC to release. Set in the town of Dangerfield, Arizona, one of the few places that was rocked by the “Invasion” event years ago, a few kids begin to notice some odd things happening in town. But they’re the only ones who seemingly notice anything strange going on in the town….and who’s going to listen to a bunch of kids?

That’s the real story moment for this event, and it’s pretty interesting. But Lemire’s script doesn’t do enough to make this story stand out from the pack. The town of Dangerfield looks like a bombed out war zone, something that I feel like would be addressed in the DC universe at large.While it’s nice that this series isn’t really tied to any of the main DC continuity, having it be associated with an event as old as Invasion is an extremely weird choice, and the only real reason for it is probably because Lemire was a fan of that story when it came out.

Keith Giffen’s art is a lot looser than usual, and that may be due to the fact this is a Jeff Lemire series and it’s more “indie” than typical DC fare. But that looseness actually works pretty well for the story, and adds a grittiness to the tale that I don’t think would be achieved with a different artist. Giffen’s style is pretty much in line with what the story needs, and that’s a welcome thing to see.

Inferior Five is definitely going to interest fans of Lemire, but I can’t say it’s going to be a sales monster for DC. Sure, there’s always room for a new types of stories from publishers, and it’s good to see this from DC, but I’m not sure how well this whole story is going to go over.

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