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Comic Review: Killswitch #1


Killswitch #1 (Action Lab)STL132288

A futuristic spin on The Fugitive, Killswitch follows a renegade group of people who can see the future (called “Augers”) who escape their compound and go on the run. Which is a pretty interesting idea, but the first issue, written by Jeffrey and Susan Bridges and drawn by Walter Geovani, takes way too long to get to the main thrust of the series, and by the time the plot really gets going, the issue is already over.

A lot of comics get stuck info dumping in the first issue, and Killswitch suffers from some of that, but a lot of the book is filling you in on information that also seems kind of frivolous. The Bridges’ script starts out by introducing us to the head of the security force that rounds up the Augers, only to then spend a bunch of pages introducing us to the Auger test subjects that are used to help predict the future. While we get the necessary information for the world of this series, there’s really nothing with ay of the main characters that allows us to connect to them, and the whole thing feels like a pitch to reboot Minority Report.

Walter Geovani’s art is solid, but like the script, it’s also nothing to really write home about. It’s not terrible, but it’s also nothing that will blow you away. The world of Killswitch looks like every other futuristic sci-fi world that you’ve seen, so much so that I’m surprised no one has called the creators out about it.

I’m sure the team behind Killswitch had the best intentions with this book, but the simple fact of the matter is that it’s just okay. It reads less like a comic that the creators wanted to make, and more like a movie or TV show pitch that was passed over a bunch of times, and the comic is their last shot to get it made. With so many futuristic sci-fi comics out there, you really got to wow the reader to stand out, and unfortunately Killswitch just couldn’t do that for me.

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