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Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle

STL133383The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #1 (Marvel Comics)

Tired of Spider-Man comics? Well, Marvel doesn’t care, cause they’re bringing you another Spidey special with Full Circle. But unlike the other Spidey specials that have been released, this one features a veritable who’s who of creators, from Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Chip Zdarsky, Nick Spencer, Chris Bachalo, Mike Allred, and more crafting this special one shot. As neat as it is though, it doesn’t mean that Full Circle is all that essential.

On a mission for SHIELD, Spidey wakes up from a 2 week coma to find that he’s now being shot across the globe by a mysterious enemy. It all leads to a Spider-Man story that’s really unlike any other, and really defies explanation. This is a story that starts as a spy story, then moves onto a weird, Disney World like park that is a front for an evil science organization, then has a bunch of werewolves, and then somehow gets even CRAZIER than that. It’s a weird one shot that really lives up to the craziness the cover promises.

What’s impressive about Full Circle is that even with the amount of talent involved, it doesn’t feel all that disjointed. It’s clear that Nick Spencer was involved in making sure that this special has a full through line, and that each creative team stick to the them of the book. But even then, his scripted pages don’t read that differently from Jonathan Hickman’s or Jason Aaron’s, which is something that I find very interesting about this whole special.

The amount of artists on this issue are great, and while they all have different styles, the fact that the special is broken up into different chapters helps to keep the art from feeling too jarring when it changes. While none of the artists do anything to really stand out from the others, it’s a great showcase for some of the best artists at Marvel to get their chance to draw the wall-crawler, though some like Bachalo and Allred, stand out more than others.

Spidey die-hards will definitely want to grab Full Circle, but I’m not too sure that this special will have any real ramifications for any of the monthly Spider-man titles out on the shelves right now. However, fans of any of the creative teams here who have some extra wiggle room in their comic budget will probably be tempted to snap it up.

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