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Pokemon League Cup – Saturday, January 11 2020


  • Registration at 2:30
  • Masters start at 3:00
  • Seniors (and possibly Juniors) start at 3:30


  • Masters – $22.00
  • Seniors – $12.00

Register Online

** please be sure to read our house rules at the end of this document.

Standard Format League Cup!

Players need to have a deck list filled out and turned in prior to the start of the tournament. Please bring this with you!

All players need to bring a deck legal in the Standard Format as well as damage counters and a randomizer (translucent die, official Pokemon coin, etc).

Rounds will be 30 minutes plus 3 turns. We will then cut to top cut based on attendance. Top cut rounds will be 60 minutes plus 3 turns.

There will be no exception on time limits.

The next round starts 5 minutes after the entire completion of a round.

There will be a half hour break at some point in the tournament.  DECKS MUST STAY IN THE ROOM! Ask your friend to watch your deck while you get your lunch  Decks that leave = elimination.

Judging Staff reserve the right to address situations that give the appearance of collusion, in whatever manner the venue sees fit.

Masters Division Prizes:

Each Round is a win a Match – Win 2 boosters for every round including top cut

  • 1st – Playmat, and Promo card + Championship Points based on attendance
  • 2nd – Promo Card + Championship points based on attendance
  • Top 4 – Promo Card + Championship Points based on attendance

Junior and Senior Division Prizes:

  • 1st – Playmat and Promo Card + Championship Points based on attendance
  • 2nd – Promo Card + Championship Points based on attendance

In the past, we have been forced to combine Junior and Senior based on attendance.

Prize payout will be as above for each division, even if combined

HOUSE RULES – These are things that have come up in the past that we have been forced to make rules for.  These are at our discretion and will be enforced with out question.


Make sure you have this all when you arrive.  If you register and do not have these things you will be eliminated from the tournament without refund.

Your Pokemon Number (Nintendo / League / Trainer ID / or whatever you want to call it).  If you don’t have it we will issue you a temporary one which you can rectify with Nintendo on your own.  Our computer is not available for anyone to use so please do not ask. If you ask you will be eliminated from the tournament.  You know you are suppose to have this.

Your deck list.  If it is not filled out and turned in by the start of the game you will be eliminated.  If it is not correct you will be eliminated.

Your deck.  If you leave the room you have to turn in your deck to the Judges table by the computer.  We are not taking responsibility for your deck, at all. It will be on the desk where you place it when you return.

Your cell phone.  Your cell phone must be in your pocket during rounds.  You may not have your phone out during game play. If it is you will be eliminated.


All functionality of the event is controlled by Nintendos reporting system.  We will not deviate.

If your deck leaves the room it will be grounds for disqualification.


– The clock continues if there is a question and during the research of the question.  The clock does not stop for any reason.

– The judging staff reserves the right to call a match if one of the players gives the appearance of stalling to go to time.  This is at the judging staff discretion.

We all know that the spirit of the game is to be fair and have fun.  This isn’t the place for you if you are not living up to the spirit.

Collusion – There have been many questions and complaints of collusion of players, by other players at our past events.

In short, collusion is where a group of friends work together to insure that one of their friends takes the top spot so that all the friends can advance together to higher level events.  (all of the other friends are better players and already have secured their spots and are now trying to get this player, their friend, into a top spot).

The VENUE (not the judging staff) reserves the right to address situations that give the appearance of collusion, in whatever manner the venue sees fit.

If we do not receive the proper prize support from Nintendo we will provide your choice of comparable prize support or we will take your info and advocate to Nintendo on your behalf.  If you are one of the top 4 in any category we need your name, email address and placement in the tournament. We’ll reach out to Nintendo, and cc you. After that it is up to you to work with them to get your due.


We are psyched to be hosting this event and, thanks to Carlton at Pokemon HQ and some sister stores, we’re going to make this event swift, painless and easy to process.  Remember first and foremost, this is suppose to be fun.

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