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Comic Review: Doctor Doom #2 (Marvel Comics)



Doctor Doom #2 (Marvel Comics)

Last month we checked in with Victor Von Doom’s first issue, and while it had potential, I was fairly let down in the characterization of ol’ Vic. However, I’m happy to say that issue two, still from writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Salvador Larrocca, is very much a step in the right direction for the character, and the main plot of the series is now in full force.

After turning himself in, Victor Von Doom is on his way to the United Nations to stand trial for a crime he didn’t commit. Of course, things don’t go nearly as smoothly as they should, and Doom quickly finds himself on the run and in hiding. Turning to the time-displaced Morgan Le Fey for help, Doom has to find out who framed him, and what the vision of his peaceful future means for himself and his enemies.

Unlike the previous issue, Christopher Cantwell’s Doom sounds and acts a lot more in character here. While there are a few groan-inducing one liners from Doom, none of them are that bad (or as bad as his “Brexit Stage Left” quip from issue one), and the main plot is actually pretty intriguing. Taking Doom out of Latveria and on the run adds considerable stakes to his story, and places the character in a brand new scenario that we’ve never seen before.

Salvador Larocca’s art is just as strong as it usually is here, with a fantastic sense of movement and mood. From the set pieces that allow Doom to escape from his captors to his quiet moment with Le Fey, Larocca’s style is in perfect form for a book like this, and shows no signs of slowing down.

I’m pretty happy to see Doctor Doom rebound from some of the setbacks the first issue had, so I’m going to keep going with this series to see how it shakes out. Of course, this issue could be a fluke and the rest could be terrible, but right now it’s gone from “just okay” to “hey, this could be cool”, so I want to see where the rest of it goes.

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