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Comic Review: Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9 (Marvel Comics)


Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9 (Marvel Comics)

Few characters have made the splash that Ms. Marvel has in the past few years, and one of the key aspects of the character is her struggle to balance her superhero life with the being a teenager. That “Peter Parker” aspect of the character makes her extremely relatable, and it’s the main focus of Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung’s Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9, which finds Kamala Khan’s personal and superhero life intertwining to save her father’s life.

Since her father was diagnosed with an incurable illness, Kamala Khan’s life is in more turmoil than usual. But Iron Man and Doctor Strange may have found a cure, but it’s a long shot that it will work. With her father in the hospital, Kamala’s family agrees to have Doctor Strange perform the surgery, but at that very moment, Mr. Hyde arrives looking for the doctor who stole his Hyde formula. Knowing that Hyde could endanger the hospital, Kamala has to get Hyde out of the building, but he also doesn’t want to risk leaving her family behind, so what can she do?

That dynamic is on we see a lot in comics, but when it’s done well, it’s very effective, and Saladin Ahmed’s script is very effective. Kamala is a very sympathetic character, and this series (and the ones prior to this) have always made sure to devote time to her family life, so putting her in this kind of scenario is really dramatic, and adds to the emotional weight of the story.

Minkyu Jung’s art is in line with the art style we’ve come to expect from this series, and it does a very effective job of showcasing not only Kamala’s powers, but in the dramatic family stakes as well. From fighting Mr Hyde to the anguish in seeing her father collapse in the kitchen, Jung’s art can seemingly do it all, and adds to the strength of Ahmed’s script.

Simply put, Magnificent Ms. Marvel is a lot of fun to read, and issues like this one are a prime example of what makes this character so engaging. In a lot of ways, she has a lot in common with the early adventures of a certain wall-crawler who also had a hard time juggling life with super-heroics. With any luck, Kamala Khan’s adventures will go on just as long as his.

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