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Rochester-Opoly is Available for the Holidays!

Rochester-Opoly Is Available For The Holidays!

The Rochester Opera House is teaming up with Jetpack Comics to celebrate the release of Rochester-Opoly, a special edition monopoly game designed specifically for Rochester. This professionally manufactured game centers around the City of Rochester and the people that make it such a great place to live and work.

Each space, card, and playing piece has been custom made to resemble some of Rochester’s greatest assets. The board and cards are lined with sponsoring businesses and organizations from around the city.

“Monopoly has been a staple for family game nights across America since 1935. We believe every household in Rochester will want this board game in their living room. It shows our children what is good about our town and why we call this place home.” said Opera House executive director Anthony Ejarque. “Families will love sitting down to play a classic game that honors Rochester and its history.”

Proceeds from the sales of the game will directly support the Rochester Opera House and its Performance & Arts Center. 


Rochester-Opoly- $50 + $20 Shipping

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