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DMs can earn up to a $10 stipend for running a game and after a few games get a 25% discount on their purchase.

How’s it work? It’s simple.

  • DM a D&D event with 5 or more players.
  • Saturday events earn DMs $5 in store credit.
  • Any other day DMs earn $10 in store credit.
  • After running 3 events in one month get a 25% discount on your purchase.

When you arrive at Jetpack see the clerk and let him know you are
running an event that day.

(It is important that you check in prior to your event).
During the event the clerk will stop in to verify your attendance.
(tables must have at least 5 players to earn credit & discount).

After your event see the clerk to spend your stipend for the day and to
have him mark off your DM card.

On your third event for the month you will not only get your stipend but
you will also get 25% your purchase that day.

DMs from earlier in the month get first right of refusal of running
tables the rest of the month.

Want to apply this to another game? Talk to us about it

Please note that we have events in the game room other than DnD.
If you with to run an event other than Saturday we need to know so we
can block out space for you. It’s usually not a problem but we’d like to have a bit of a heads up.

Events must be scheduled and announced via the Jetpack DnD group.

Events must have at least 5 players & the DM to be valid.

Stipends are only valid the day the event is run, so don’t forget to
spend them.

Discounts are only valid the day the third event is run so don’t forget
to use it.

As with all things Jetpack there are restrictions. Discounted product
will not be discounted more.
Can not be combined with other deals or offers. There’s probably other
restrictions as well.

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