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Save huge on upcoming Pre-releases with the Jetpack Planeswalker Play & Save Club!

Join us for a few Friday Night Magic Events and you can be a part of that savings

Not a lie.  Not a Joke. It’s our FNM club and we’re inviting those that play with us to save money at our Saturday or Sunday Prerelease Events.

It’s pretty simple.  The next time you join us for FNM draft ask the clerk for your own Jetpack FNM card.  Every time you come to FNM draft give the card to the clerk, when you pay, so he can stamp it for you.  When you redeem your stamps, for prerelease savings, they will cross them out, but you can still collect more. 

Savings will apply to the current price of a Saturday or Sunday prerelease at Jetpack when redeemed.

  • 4 stamps = $5 off 
  • 6 stamps = $10 off
  • 8 stamps = $15 off

You must have your card with you to be eligible.  Cards can not be combined with other cards. Limit of 1 stamp per FNM (no – you can’t get 2 if you pay for your friend).  It’s pretty straightforward and we don’t let anyone double dip, play games, or other shenanigans.

*Prerelease stamps begin accruing with the FNM draft that starts when a new set drops and can be redeemed until the Saturday or Sunday prerelease of a new set.  You’ll need to start a new card with the release of a new set.


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