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Ensure you get your FNM fix every Friday (or
any day you choose) by ordering a Jetpack FNM draft Funbags.

Just $10 gets you 3 booster packs.  For every 4 ordered we will include 2 promo packs that you can use to reward the winner of your tournament.  Just make sure to tell us how many you want, and what set, in the INTERESTS field.

A Jetpack Fun Bags box will be stuffed full of all kinds of fun Jetpack merch and a ton of Jetpack love. So much so that it may even smell like us.

Makes a Great Randomized Easter Basket!
Just specify in the comments that its for Easter and we will make it all ages.

Each Jetpack Fun Bags purchase keeps a Jetpack staff member employed for one more hour. (insert sad pictures of jetpack staff here and play Sarah McLachlan music here)

So PLEASE, provide a Jetpacker an hour of employment.  Subscribe today!

Want it Giftwrapped?
For just a couple bucks we can gift wrap your Jetpack Funbags in some
sweet brown paper stamped with Jetpack Stamps all over it. Make your Jetpack Funbags a gift.  Just $2.00 each.

Home Delivery Available
Will let you know the next delivery date after you place your order.

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