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We can’t promise the merch will be Indy but the reading most certainly will be. All kinds of great independent reading options for you. This is our favorite and most fruitful bag.

A box o’stuff to remind you of the place you love!

A Jetpack Fun Bags box will be stuffed full of all kinds of fun Jetpack merch and a ton of Jetpack love. So much so that it may even smell like us. Pick your size, Pick your frequency, Pick your delivery method. Pick your interests.

Each box will be stuffed with merch from around the store. Randomly selected boxes will contain a Jetpack Store Credit Card* of some amount. We’ll try to lean towards your interests but it may contain ANYTHING.

Your first Fun Bag will be chuck full of all kinds of Jetpack Weirdness. Who knows what gems (not germs) you will get in your bag. If you elect the subscription option your next bag will NOT contain the same swill as your first bag. We think? Bags will be based on volume (how much can we fit in it) and quality (the higher the quality, the less stuff there might be). It may contain something of your interest but no promises. Especially with your first bag.

Makes a Great Randomized Easter Basket!
Just specify in the comments that its for Easter and we will make it all ages.

Each Jetpack Fun Bags purchase keeps a Jetpack staff member employed for one more hour. (insert sad pictures of jetpack staff here and play Sarah McLachlan music here)

So PLEASE, provide a Jetpacker an hour of employment.  Subscribe today!

Want it Giftwrapped?
For just a couple bucks we can gift wrap your Jetpack Funbags in some sweet brown paper stamped with Jetpack Stamps all over it. Make your Jetpack Funbags a gift.  Just $2.00 each.  Only available for Curbside Pick Up or Delivery.  Mention it in the interests section.

Home Delivery Available
Will let you know the next delivery date after you place your order.

Within 24 hours we’ll email you an invoice for your personally customized funbag. Funbags ship or are available for pick up within 24 hours of payment, Monday – Friday. Funbag are not assembled on weekends but can be picked up if paid for by 10 am Monday – Friday.

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