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We’re giving you special days dedicated to the things that interest you.

Starting with our on hold gaming calendar, and expanding, we’re picking specific days where we will highlight areas of the store for you. 

 We will still show you ALL of the new merchandise that comes in any day and we will share other merch those days as well.  We’re just going to make sure there’s a day specific theme, heavy in the thing you love most. 

Check all of our social media posts to see everything we’ve got going on 

Our new online motto is,
See something (you like)
Say something (via email or facebook)

Not seeing what you want?  Drop us a message and we’ll get pictures of those areas right up!

NOTE that the special offers are only good as long as they are posted.  Themes and offers will change without notice so take advantage of them now!

MONDAY – Rich’s Royal Rumble Monday Madness

Rich is picking an area of the store to show you in full.  Have a special request?  Hit him up via social media or even a phone call and he’ll video your favorite area.  He’s like a DJ taking requests. 
Spend $25 or more and he’s gonna give you some custom bonus with your purchase.

TUESDAY – Tuesday Trade Paperback & HCs

Rich’s video will be in multi parts as we’ve got SOO many trade walls to show.
Spend $25 or more and Rich is going to throw in a Random Trade / HC of his choice.

WEDNESDAY – We Miss New Comic Wednesday

The only thing bigger than our trade & hc selection is our new comic selection.  Rich is going to present it to you in different ways each week.  They’re the newest comics you can get at this time.
Spend $25 or more on new comics and Rich is going to give you a bunch of free comics OF HIS CHOICE as well.

Added Wednesday Bonus – Rich will pick you 25 new comic books OF HIS CHOICE (that’s at least a $100 value) for just $25.  Marvel, DC, Indy, it’ll be a mixture of all kinds of different things.  NO REQUESTS of title / publisher / creator, etc.  Remember that No Means No. 

UPGRADE to a Marvel / DC mix only for an additional $15 ($40 total).

THURSDAY – Pokemon Thursday still exists…kind of

Rich will show you what we’ve got on hand and we will keep restocking as long as we can.

Spend $25 and Rich will give you 2 Jetpack Pokemon Packs.  We’re even increasing the odds of the redemption cards (you can get cards that you can redeem for packs or even a box)

FRIDAY – Friday Magic is not just for Nights

Rich is showing you all the boxes & packs we’ve got in stock.  He’s going to show you trays and trays of single cards (we’ve just processed a HUGE collection).  He’ll provide you access to everything we have Magic.

Spend $25 and Rich will give you 2 Jetpack Magic Packs.  We’re even increasing the odds of the redemption cards (you can get cards that you can redeem for packs or even a box)

SATURDAY – Dungeons & Dragons Saturday

Keeping with the theme we already had, D&D Saturday continues.  We’re going to walk you through what we have in stock for D&D stuff, but keep in mind that is a TON of stuff.  Books, Mini’s, accessories & more accessories.  We’ll try to get all the single mini’s up each week, but that’s tough.  We will show you all the large mini’s and more. 

Spend $25 and we’re throwing in a random 7 piece dice set!  IT SAYS RANDOM.  Don’t ask!

SUNDAY – Sundays are for Board (Bored) Games

 You’re home.  You’re getting bored.  Enjoy some Board Game fun! 
Purchase ANY core board game and pick up an expansion for it for 1/2 price. 

Can’t find an expansion to go with the game you want?  Grab an expansion for a different game for 1/2 price. 

Still not working for you?  How about a puzzle for 1/2 price but that’s our last offer.

We know we’re bombing you with information about Jetpack and what you can get.  More info than you could ever want.  We’re just trying our hardest to insure our survival.  Thanks for putting up with our crap.

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